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About Justin

About Justin Beere

May 2016, Tokyo

May 2016, Tokyo

About Me

I'm interested in systems. Specifically, I'm interested in the complex systems that power the world of media — how films get from a writer's brain to the silver screen, or how TV commercials get from an ad agency storyboard to an Apple TV. I've spent the last 15 years mastering and advancing these kinds of systems at leading media technology companies like Tool of North America, Whitehouse Post, and now FreeWheel, where I run the demand partnerships group for our Markets business.

Along the way I wound up working in an unexpected part of the advertising system as a voice over announcer. What started as late night self-recordings of temporary "scratch tracks" while mixing TV commercial audio has turned into a decade-long side career as a professional VO person. It was the luckiest of lucky breaks, though if you ask my parents it was only a matter of time until someone discovered me. Thanks guys.